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You have the power of business and legal advice and protection at your finger tips in the all 50 US states and many provinces in Canada. See NYSE stock and company information at Yahoo Finance!

Businesses - Healthcare or Otherwise - state by state

Have you, do you or could you:

[   ] Get answers in one business day from expert business and legal consultants - incorporation options, new tax law, Internet and technology options, new government requirements, workers comp, business plans, accounting, growing your business, finance - initiated when you are available 24 x 7?
[   ] Review a contract by you or another company - before or after signing - lease, employee, joint venture, client, association, services?
[   ] Collect on a debt?
[   ] Create, update or host a website - 1 to dozens of pages?
[   ] Own software to help you create or expand your business - business plan, time management, banking, accounting, insurance, telecommunications, investment, technology and financing?
[   ] Be listed on two national business directories?
[   ] Access documents for most situations - government forms, agreement forms - 24 x 7?
[   ] Defend or counter-sue in a law suit?
[   ] Research regulations in your state?
[   ] Sell your business or purchase another business?
[   ] Manufacture or sell a product?
[   ] Have customers on your premises or visit customers on theirs?
[   ] Receive a deficiency notice or fine form a government agency?
[   ] In a current legal matter?

If you have answer yes to three or more of these questions, you could use one of our business services plans in which most of these services are included in one small monthly automatic fee in your state. Small Business plans for Colorado:

$40.50/mo Pre-paid Legal Home-Based Business Rider
  (for business owner(s) and up to 3 employees, same home and business address, private, for-profit - includes the $26 Expanded Family and Legal Shield Plans below)

$49/mo* Pre-paid Legal Plan for the Self Employed
  (for business owner(s) and up to 8 employees, private, for-profit - includes $26 Expanded Family and Legal Shield Plans)

$75/mo* (1-50 employees) or 125/mo* (51-99) Pre-paid Legal Business Owners Legal Solutions Plan
  (1-99 employees, private, for-profit - excludes Family Plan, but keeps law suit protection)

*+$10 one time enrollment fee


Have you, do you or could you:

[   ] Create or update your or your family's wills, living will or durable power of attorney?
[   ] Problem with a credit report?
[   ] Sign a contact - lease, rent/renter, software license, Internet, employment, maintenance service?
[   ] Buy a defective product? that is diffcult to return?
[   ] Sell anything regularly?
[   ] Make a large purchase - car, house, timeshare, property?
[   ] Lend/collect money - client, credit company, friend, family, church, neighbor?
[   ] Have a connecting wall or joint fence with a neighbor?
[   ] Have a dispute - vendor, organization, internet supplier?
[   ] Involved in a law suit?
[   ] Wonder what your legal rights are - employee contract, work comp claim, unemployement claim, children re school administration?
[   ] Accident - auto, on a property?
[   ] Ticket - speeding, traffic, parking, pet?
[   ] Family driver - high school student, college student, elderly parent?
[   ] Participate in sports - coach or play?
[   ] File taxes - personal, business, family member?
[   ] Injured on another property?
[   ] Take care of an elderly relative?
[   ] In a current legal matter?

Business Checklist

If you have answer yes to three or more of these questions, you could use one of our Pre-paid Legal Plans for your state. Following are the Pre-paid Legal Plans for Colorado:

$16/mo* Pre-paid Legal Standard Family Plan

$25/mo* Pre-paid Legal Expanded Family Plan
     (adds 7 to nearly 9 times more pre-trial suit preparation - worth $1,650 to $3,850 more per incident)

$1/mo Pre-paid Legal Shield Rider (priceless)

*+$10 one time enrollment fee

See Pre-paid Legal Website for additional information

Contact Kenton Johnson, Executive Director, to enroll: (888)80-4WELL (1-888-804-9355).

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