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Karen Crowley Jarldane

Ascentially Alchemy

Boulder, CO 80301
Email: Karen@AscentiallyAlchemy.com
Website: AscentiallyAlchemy.com
Office: (303) 516-1670 .. fax: (303) 516-0155

Ascentially Alchemy is a home-based business dedicated to bringing powerful products into your lives for harmony and balance. Ascentially Alchemy brings to you, Totem Animal Essences and Essential oils, Gem and Flower Essences, Aromatherapy essential oil blends, Chakra Mists, and Space Shifting Tools and more. Visit my web site for a complete catalog.

"I've studied aromatherapy, flower essences, herbal, and crystal healing for over 10 years with many wonderful teachers. Balance and harmony are my goals. I combine my knowledge with creativity, intuition, and guidance to develop a unique combination of essential oils and essences. I love working in harmony with Mother Earth, Pan, the Devas, Animal Spirits and Gemstone Guardians, Angels and Faeries.

"I am available to make custom blends and if you don't find your Totem Animal or have any special requests, I'm honored to create them for you.

"Another part of my work is Space Clearing, House and Land Blessings and Instinctive Feng Shui. I feel a powerful way to shift your life is to shift the energy of your home. Instinctive Feng Shui and Space Clearing give you methods to ground this process so you are completely supported in making the important life changes that you want to make.

"Contact me for a brochure or to discuss your needs."


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