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Kerensa Meadows, MA, MS, CCHt


The vision of Connecting Heart  is that by reclaiming our deepest inner connections and dreams we can transform obstacles and limiting beliefs so that we realize our most meaningful, interconnected outer experiences and relationships - and still be our own unique Selves.

I work with individuals facing challenges, such as life transitions, relationship issues, loneliness, depression and adjustment issues, as well as individuals who want to enhance their lives through personal growth, enrichment and an increased sense of Soulfulness. I also work with couples and groups.


  • MA, Contemplative Psychotherapy, Naropa University
  • MS, Counseling, Miami University (Ohio)
  • CCHt, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute

    Areas of Study

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  • Highly-Sensitive People
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Group Process
  • Contemplative Psychotherapy
  • Interactive Imagery
  • Creativity
  • Somatic Practices
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    Groups & Workshops

  • The Connecting Heart
  • Women's Support Group
  • Your Heart's Desire (Sonia Choquette's work)

    Client Comments: Individual & Couple Work

    "When I came to you in despair, you guided me through new doors at a pace I could handle. You provided useful tools that no one ever had all my life. You helped me identify the obstacles and clear the noise from my head. You taught me to trust the process. Most of all, you let me search my soul and find my own inner strength." - B.K.S., Denver CO

    "Kerensa's support gently brought me to a level of consciousness where I could get in touch, through relaxation and visualization, with the strengths deep within my Self to act from a place of centeredness and independence when making decisions. I would whole-heartedly and without reservation recommend Kerensa to anyone seeking an effective and creative approach for dealing with issues of concern and for achieving personal growth." - E.H., San Francisco CA

    "Kerensa is a caring, trustworthy professional. Her warmth, creativity and sincerity make her one of the most healing people I have ever known. She has helped me to release past traumas and to live my life more joyfully. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking Soulfulness and creative freedom. She is wonderful!!" - J.M., Westminster CO

    "Kerensa helped my husband and me to see our issues and gave us the tools we needed to work on developing our relationship. Kerensa has a sincere passion for her work and it truly shows through her counseing skills; I would recommend Kerensa to any couple or individual who needs someone who is truly compassionate and an excellent therapist." - S.B., Westminster CO

    Client Comments: Group Work

    "Kerensa was great at facilitating. The group was informal with a sense of direction and order but not rigid. The setting was conducive to feeling safe and able to explore. It was exactly the tool I needed to reach that inner Soul part of me, to tap into the answers that are already inside. I came away feeling absolutely warm from the inside out!" - E.S., Denver CO

    "Kerensa made every effort to make us all feel safe and comfortable sharing and interacting. Her thoughtfulness and hard work were evident." - D.D., Westminster CO

    Hours by appointment
    South Central Denver


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  • Highly Sensitive Person Homepage: HSPerson.com
  • Sonia Choquette: SoniaChoquette.com
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques: EmoFree.com

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