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Meet Christy Richards
“As a Psychotherapist, Minister, and Life Coach, it is my greatest desire and intention to be a catalyst and a simulater to people's search for meaning and their quest for peace within.  I have tremendous belief in the power and resources of the human spirit and I trust each individual's ability to conquer issues which hold them back from becoming all they can be.  My intention is always to create a safe and respectful space for exploration and healing on all levels or our humanness.  It has been said about me that I come from the heart and shoot from the hip.”



Body Centered Psychotherapy

I spent sixteen years as a Psychotherapist in private practice, continuing my education and training along the way.  I had this knowing that something vital was missing in my efforts to help heal and integrate the human system.  Then I stumbled upon Core Energetics - I knew I'd found the missing piece.  Core Energetics does not separate and specialize in only one level of the human system, but rather takes into account and works to unify all levels of the human system.  There are five distinct yet connected levels of consciousness - the body, the emotions, the mind, the will, and the spirit.

Drawing from Reichian concepts, Bioenergetics (founded by John Pierrakos, MD and Alexander Lowen, MD), insights from modern physics, and other physical, mental, and spiritual teachings, Core Energetics moves beyond traditional psychotherapies and works to remove energy blocks which inhibit our true and complete evolution as individuals.  I have completed an intensive four-year training in Core Energetics.

Could You Benefit From The Following?

  • A better grasp of your feelings and how they operate in your life.
  • Deal and cope with uncomfortable and unwanted emotions.
  • Integrate your energy patterns on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of your being.
  • A deeper understanding of, and tools for balancing your masculine/feminine, right/left brain, and identifying and honoring the opposite forces within.
  • Unblock old holding patterns in your system - enabling a more congruent energy flow and allowing your most authentic self to evolve and emerge.
  • Increase personal awareness and deepen your sense of self.
  • Ways and means for better, cleaner, clearer relationship with yourself and others.
  • Techniques for effectively resolving conflict and moving through power struggles.
  • Learn to understand and deal with depression, loss, grief and fear.
  • Come to terms with what holds you up from being your best self - past parental messages, belief systems that may be antiquated, old habitual behavior patterns, and fear-based beliefs.
  • A new sense of inner peace and direction.
  • Moving to "what's next" and becoming a more authentic you.
  • Clearing regrets from the past, excuses in the present, and discomfort and uncertainty about the future.

About Myself

I have been engaged in the promotion of growth, healing and personal integration since 1978, and have been in private practice since 1980, working with couples, families, adolescents, individual adults and groups.  From 1985 to present, I also have consulted for small businesses.

I have an Associate Degree in Education, a BA in Educational Psychology, a MA in Counseling Psychology, a partial PhD in Clinical Psychology, and a graduate from the Institute of Core Energetics West.

I am a non-denominational Minister, mother of three sons, and have a wide variety of counseling experience, training and certifications, including Hypnosis, Gestalt Therapy and Psychodrama.  I am a teacher on the staff of the Crossroads School of Healing, and have personally designed and facilitated workshops in the areas of relationships, parenting, women in mid-life, Body Awareness and Energetic Integration.


Associate Degree in Education
Bachelors Degree in Educational Psychology
Masters Degree in Counseling
Psychology Doctoral Study (ongoing)
Institute of Core Energetics West

Work Experience

Private Psychotherapy Practice since 1981
Business and Personnel Consulting since 1985
Personally designed and facilitated Workshops, Seminars and Classes in the following areas:
Women's Issues
Mid-Life Issues
Breast Cancer
Relationship Issues

Professional Training and Experience

Transactional Analysis
Gestalt Therapy
Jungian Psychology
Adlerian Psychology
Family Therapy
Family Sculpting
Shame Reduction
PEER Training (Personal Emotional Energy Release)
12 Step Process
Facilitator Training for Group Process
Four Year Comprehensive Training for Core Energetics


As a Therapist

Genuine caring
Coaching and guidance
Respect for your individual process and your uniqueness
Acceptance and empathy
A variety of approaches - traditional and non-traditional
Listening and honesty
Exploration and support
Attention to all levels of your being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
Integration of your energy forces - how and where you direct your energy, where it's blocked, where and how you hold it back, how it is misdirected.
A thorough look into your defense patterns
Education about developmental stages, energetics, and whatever is not yet known to you which can facilitate your growth and healing

As a Non-Denominational Minister

Weddings, baptisms, dedications, funerals - each designed specifically according to the occasion, the personalities, preferences, and desires of the people involved.

On a personal level, I view my ministry as an ongoing opportunity to increase faith, trust, and love in our world, our individual selves and in a Higher Power.

I see and feel a need to build a bridge between Psychology and its emphasis on claiming the self, and Spirituality and its emphasis on surrendering the self.  I don't experience these two as opposites, as they appear.  In the big picture of wholeness, both are required and can be attained.

As a Teacher or Seminar Leader

It is always my hope that every person in any group will gain a new piece of learning that will add to their awareness and create a new seed for their individual growth and process, whatever that might be.

Each class, workshop, or seminar is newly designed according to the group needs and the subject matter to be conveyed, and always flexible enough to accommodate what needs to happen in the moment.

As a Spiritual Counselor

As a Spiritual Counselor my intention is to expand ones awareness and to broaden one's beliefs in a way that brings Spirit into every level of one's being.  It is through trust, faith, and life process that one finds a deep relationship with oneself and with Spirit.


It is my hope that in our relationship we will create together: Honor, Openness, Support and Trust.  I hope that you will give me a call.  I look forward to creating new life opportunities with you!


Christy C. Richards
The Center for Energetic Integration
1705 South Pearl Street, Suite 3 | Denver, CO 80210
Phone: 303-584-9003

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