Katherine Zocco, CMT, TTP

Original Sculpture by Katherine Zocco

Original Sculpture by Katherine Zocco, CMT, TTP  CLICK to Email

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Sightlines Holistic Center
26689 Pleasant Park Road, Building A, Suite 150
Conifer CO .. (303)838-WELL
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Katherine is a fourth-generation healer and an artist. Her healing work is as unique as each individual artwork she creates. She stands in the same spiritual center when working with her clients as she does when creating sculptures no two are ever the same.

She believes that the body as a whole has an innate ability to heal itself on all levels from the depth of its core to the height of its full being. It is because of this belief that she has chosen to combine therapies that include not only therapeutic massage, neuro-muscular re-education and subtle energy work for physical dis-ease, but emotional and trauma work for other levels of distress. Through this, she facilitates balance and well-being for the whole individual.

Katherine graduated from Colorado School of Healing Arts in 1993, and since then has been working with clients with many backgrounds and conditions, including acute injury, chronic pain, high stress and blood pressure, and poor circulation. She excels in trauma release work for both post injury and post surgery, and uses soft tissue manipulation and trigger point therapies. She works with ADD and ADAH children to balance energy and sensory input. She is having wonderful success with clients with chronic fatigue syndrome, myofascial disorders and MS.

In every case, you will find her method of treatment to be gentle, kind and compassionate. She does not believe in forcing the body in any direction, but instead follows the body's lead in what and when it is ready to accept, incorporate, release and change.

Further, she believes that she facilitates and assists a client's healing as an equal partner. Once a client has made the choice to heal, and gives him or herself permission to do so, the results are profound. It is truly an honor for her to be allowed to share such a sacred journey.

As clients shift their awareness and becomes enlightened to a greater quality of life and the possibilities of living a life based on the here and now, they also recognize new possibilities for each day. Letting go of old patterns creates room for vibrancy and restores the integration of body, mind and spirit. As clients heal, they shift spiritually. Katherine firmly believes this to be part of our evolution as a whole not only globally but universally as well.

It is again an honor for her to watch this shift happen one person at a time. She truly loves her work.

She resides in the Rocky Mountains of Bailey Colorado with her three children. She practices close by at the Sightlines Holistic Center in Conifer.

"Katherine's special gifts as a massage therapist and healer are her extreme sensitivity to the needs of her clients. She really listens, which gives her the ability to be nurturing and flexible. Her technical knowledge of the body combined with her unconditional love and non-judgmental approach were exactly what I needed during my time of crisis. Her unwavering faith encouraged me to receive her work until I was healed." Angela Hart, PhD

"Katherine's work has greatly helped me and the many patients I've referred to her. Her knowledge and expertise in the musculoskeletal area is unsurpassed." Dr. James W. Taylor, DC

"Since my car accident, Katherine has worked with me continuously. She has not only helped my body, but she has helped me to heal emotionally. Her philosophy is not just treating the body, but to heal the whole person. I can't thank her enough for what she has done for me." Jennifer Burgess

"I refused Therapeutic Touch until I could hardly breathe or walk. My negative attitude and denial of miracles promised failure, but Katherine's professionalism and openness put me at ease. After one session, I could breathe and walk easily, but was afraid to believe it! Therapeutic Touch really does work!" Kit Conklin, RN

In addition to Katherine's many modalities, she is a practitioner of an exciting modality known as LaStone Therapy.

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