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Kenton H Johnson - Prosper Systems LLC

Kenton Johnson is the Founding Member of Colorado-based Prosper Systems LLC, a 40-year independent businessman and successful 50-year veteran of small to large project finance, development, analysis, marketing and sales. He's very social media savvy; uses text, email, Zoom, Skype and other video systems; and is excellent with people by all channels.

He and his seven-member Team have 275 years experience, 18-59 per Member (median 31), Company sales up to us$12mm, Supervision to 200, P&L responsibility to us$220mm. See these device-independent information pages (RELOAD if re-directs are slow):

LINKEDIN (please connect)

BRIEF (drill down)

FINANCE Options (STRUCTURE, PREPARE & DELIVER to the BEST Resources: Debt as brokers for points and Equity as consultants for contracted fees)
More information:
FREE Overview Review (mission, market, MANAGEMENT and Money)

STARTUP / EXPANSION Steps (business Conception through Sale)

Buying And Selling INTERESTS

VCF (vCard of this Overview for most Contact Managers)

NDNC & Fee AGREEMENT (starts us well - short but complete)

SUBSCRIPTION Consulting (includes one vetted FINANCIER each month enrolled)

Direct WORK and CONSULTING (including deep EXCEL Productivity Enhancements and the many Project SERVICES supported by the full TEAM)
Kenton and Prosper Systems give lucrative referral income to those who refer him to excellent lenders, funders, sellers, buyers, collaborators and other referrers. See Referral INCOME - WHO / WHAT DO YOU KNOW?

Contact Info:

Kenton H Johnson | Founding Member | Prosper Systems, LLC | 4860 Chambers Rd | Denver CO USA | | US Mountain Time Zone | 302KentonJ (ph to all devices) | Schedule VIDEO Call or Mtg | Introduction (reprint of above)
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Kenton H Johnson <>, Founding Member, Prosper Systems LLC, 4860 Chambers Rd, Denver CO USA, 302KentonJ (ph to all devices), Schedule VIDEO Call or Mtg, Introduction (reprint of above)


Neither Prosper Systems, LLC (PS), nor its Founding Member, Kenton H Johnson, are licensed Real Estate or Lending Brokers, Securities Dealers or Investment Advisers. However, PS has an Attorney on its Team, as well as works closely, engages and will have other Licensed individuals or firms on its Team. PS makes no warranties or representations as to the quality of an opportunity, the integrity of the Buyer, Owner or associated Collaborators, or the value of a given transaction. PS is acting only as Collaborator with Buyers, Owners or their Collaborators. All due diligence is the responsibility of Buyers, Owners and their Collaborators.

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