10% Referral Income

Improve Spanish-English Translations
(Also French, Portuguese and Italian to English Translations)


We are available to finish and improve translations so that readers will want to read them, as well as take the desired actions, for as little as us$0.10 per word, based on type and volume.  Fixed-price and retainer contracts are available.

We've been reading the English translation of Spanish marketing and technical documents, including websites and emails.  Most of the words are correct, but many are not the normal words, so could possibly be mis-interpreted, creating lawsuits or unhappy clients.

At the very least, it is difficult to read, and as you know, people do not spend much time on anything difficult to read, especially on the Internet.

We know enough Spanish and French, as well as the structure of Portuguese and Italian, to know if a translation is reasonable, and have been writing and editing since 1967.

    We're also engineers and other technical professionals who know marketing, sales, information technology, construction, mining, business, planning, finance, Capitalize and project management.

    In addition to editing, we can also add value - reorganization, refinement, and better readability to the writing, if requested and needed.

    We will travel to safe places in the world - expenses paid by client - to perform this work.

Please see some of our Writing/Editing Samples, especially the extensive technical Publication List, then


NOTE: We pay 10% on referrals for all work with a new client

Thank you very much,

Kenton H Johnson, Lead Editor  

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