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Given the environment of tight money for non-profits, fundraising by any group or individual political candidate is difficult but extremely important.


Unless another plan is created based on interaction with a Fundraising Committee, the basic fundraising outline is:


Schedule an appoint with likely donor first one to three identified by the organization

Specialized team of two keeps the appointment

Specialized communication takes place in the appointment waiting area and during the appointment

Team presents a short statement of purpose and need with specialized information and behavior

Asks for a donation

Asks for referrals

Initiates specialized connections from the referral to referred

Repeats for each referral


There are several details and discipline that are critical to the success of this system, which I am very familiar. This method is guaranteed by the Leadership Institute to work, if followed to the letter.


It takes training, planning and discipline to work, but is transferable to church, non-profit, individual campaigns, and other altruistic endeavors for those who take the training and perform the system correctly creating a life-long skill.


Several coordinated teams can execute this Plan, but generally the additional teams are not added until the number of referrals exceeds time available to the first team. However, different geographic areas can be segmented for several teams to operate in parallel.


Used for a small political party who raised four times their initial investment in their first appointment.

Using a similar model, single-handedly grossed $50,000 EACH for three 50-50 text-advertising books from about 100 extremely-tight Denver and Boulder alternative health practitioners, each book. Then coached a person of limited sales, writing and publishing skills to build a book in New Orleans created a high-quality book, grossing $24,000.

Successfully owned and operated international businesses continually since 1978.

Due to my familiarity with the industry and sales, have had occasion of outselling 2-5 other salesmen combined: technical, political and business.

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This effort should yield 10-50 times the investment as it virally grows throughout your area.

Proposal Accepted

$1000 retainer, $1500 per team training, and $75 per follow-up call, email or text; billed weekly.

Alternative Fee

5% of the funds raised. Requires a minimum of one trained team and ten kept appointments.


Net 10 days, invoiced by email on Fridays.

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