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General advice: use at least twelve confirmations on every trade, even hedges, and ...
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Wavy Tunnel (Word 2000 doc)

Vegas Tunnel Method
Wave by Raghee Homer

Elliott Waves (Word 2000 doc)
      Elliott Wave Crash Course Compilation (Word 2000 doc, the "Book," thank you Steve Ensign)
      Elliott Wave Rules and Guidelines (CyclePro)
      Elliott Waves: Introduction (Investopedia)
      Elliott Wave Counts (Alpari Ltd)

15 Minute / 5-Day Chart Trading (Word 2000 doc)

4-Hour / 40-Day Swing Trading Map (Word 2000 doc)

50 SMA Strategy
      Think of it as a trend line breakout strategy with a confirmation by the 50 SMA or another consistently-used moving average, such as the 34, 55, 89 or 144 EMAs)

Example Chart (Adobe 7 pdf)
Working ProChart (group file - right click then Save Target As a .grp file, type: All Files, then Import in your ProChart Options - Groups section)

1-Day Point of No Return

      Trade Journal - Background and Instructions at bottom:   Word 2000 ... Excel 2000

      Daily Average Statistical Analyses (Excel 2000 files):
            EUR/USD ... GBP/USD ... USD/CHF ... USD/CAD ... AUD/USD ... USD/JPY ... EUR/JPY ... GBP/JPY ... EUR/GBP

Others in the Works

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis Tutorial (Investopedia - skip Sections 3, 5 & 7 for now - this one may require free registration, most others do not)

Support & Resistance Basics (Investopedia)

Moving Averages: Basics, Weighted - Investopedia

Trends/Trendlines: FXCM and Chart Patterns ...

Chart Patterns: NetFirms ... StockCharts ... ActionForex ... NetFirms Compilation - Continuation and Reversal (Word 2000 doc - thank you Steve Ensign)

Five Chart Patterns You Need to Know (Chart Advisor - your email address required - printable version describes all five patterns)

CandleStick Patterns: FXTSP

Chaos Awesome Oscillator: MetaQuotes (Word 2000 doc) ... Comparison (Univ of MD, Balt - Adobe pdf)

Retracement Or Reversal: Know The Difference ... Market Reversals and How To Spot Them (Investopedia)

Trading the MACD Divergence (Investopedia)

Five Chart Patterns You Need to Know (Chart Advisor - your email address required - printable version describes all five patterns)

Fibo Grid Support/Resistance Chart Lines: This WebMaster prefers use of the standard Fibo drawing tool across the range of a fully zoomed-out chart or the most recent large move. The additional fibo percentages can be added in some chart packages. Standard Fibo retracement and channel percentages are related to each other by squares and square-roots as they were created from the Golden Ratio, .6180..., the asymptotic ratio of successive Fibonacci sequence numbers. See Fibonacci Numbers on this page.


"Who's Awake" Trade Timing (Adobe 7 pdf)

Hedging - one person's method (Adobe 7 pdf)

100+ Articles (Zip file - courtesy of Steve Ensign with additions - all Copyright © by the author(s))

Forex Trading Taxation Issues (Word 2000 doc written by Bruce Brown)

Secrets of Successful Traders (Adobe pdf - courtesy of MetaStock)

Taking Losses (Adobe pdf - courtesy of MARCUS TODAY via Chris Mangan)

Books - New and Used: Amazon ... Barnes and Nobel ... eBay (sometimes cheaper but less choices)

Pivot Calculator Instructions (Adobe 7 pdf)

ProChart IntelliScripts - for Alerts and Research - WORKS IN PROGRESS:
      Word 2000
      Alert File (right click then Save Target As a .alt file, type: All Files, then Import in your IntelliScript Organizer)

Pivot Calculator Instructions (Adobe 7 pdf)

Fibonacci Numbers: Wave Rider ... Univ of Surrey

Fibonacci Time & Price Analysis: Synchronicity Market Timing ... Traders Notebook

Fibonacci Candle Projections (in time): Word 2000 ... Excel 2000... Using Fibo Circles (Adobe PDF by the webmaster)

Integration of Gann, Elliott and Fibonacci Techniques (Ensign Software)

Fundamentals News

FX News Sources

Trade Station news tickers
Daily FX (FXCM)
Yahoo Economic Calendar Clicking on each item in this calendar shows details of what the announcement is actually about and rates its importance.
Bloomberg News
Forex Factory
Forex Economic Calendar
Saxo Bank (Register for the Forex Newsletter)
Morgan Stanley (much more than just FX)

Central Bank Websites

Federal Reserve Bank FOMC
Bank of Japan
Bank of England
European Central Bank
Bank of Canada
Reserve Bank of Australia
Related: The Bank for International Settlements

General News Sources

Trade Station news tickers
Market News International
Yahoo! Finance
CNN Money
Bloomberg News

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