POWER PITCH - 30(-60) seconds

I'm Kenton Johnson CEO
(and Chief COnsultant) of

Prosper Systems
(9 Consultants with average 34 years' experience, based in Metro Denver, Colorado Springs, Idaho, Reno/Cleveland and So California)

PROBLEM Solved: In our work with startups and even expansions, we find that they are NOT fully prepared to fire their rocket ship engines, so they don't get off the ground, and definitely don't fly.

Unique & Powerful SOLUTION: Over the last 20+ years, we've developed THE solid step-by-step process to make STARTUP rockets fly successfully.

(MARKETS: STEM-based projects in high-tech, real estate, water, precious metals, O&G)

WHAT NEED NEXT: We are looking for those companies committed to rocket to their next stages and beyond
(to take advantage of our 10:1 ROI Subscription Consulting Offer) ...


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